YoungLives Teen Moms

A teen mom from Chester "I have been involved in YoungLives for over a year. Within that year I’ve become a better and stronger person. I enjoy coming to YoungLives because of the love and support that they show me and my child. YoungLives has been a very important part of my life. I have learned to overcome my fears and look toward my future and goals in life. I've also gotten closer to God and started to build a much stronger relationship with Him. Youn​gLives is a program I would encourage young mothers to join. I would love to become a mentor or leader at YoungLives so I can give young mothers like me the love and support that YoungLives gave to me. I just want to say THANK YOU for all of you do to help and support young mothers like myself."​​

YoungLives Alumni

YoungLives Alumni said, "I'm glad to hear the program is growing, you provide an excellent resource for these girls and give them another way of looking at their situations ... At least I know that's what it did for me.
And yes, tell your mentors their work is making a BIG difference  and they have the power to mold and reconstruct these broken lost girls into independent  strong mothers. I am proof. I'm not finished with my journey, but I've climbed mountains I've traveled valleys through my life (figuratively) that made me who I am today and I'm very proud of myself."

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